This resort does not have elevators. Guest may have to navigate up to three flights of stairs to reach their accommodation.

The resort does not have elevators.

Please be advised that the studio portion of the three bedroom lock-off accommodation has restroom facilities but no privacy.

Be sure to visit the resort’s Concierge to receive your Diamond Greenback everyday savings program while on vacation.

Instead of wasting your precious vacation time at the grocery store, get your groceries online from Publix Super Markets! Pick what you want and get your order delivered to the resort by going to to get started.

Effective May 1st, 2018 our pricing for package and handling fees will increase. A guest may ship up to five (5) small packages or envelopes to the resort at no charge for arrival 3-5 days prior to check-in. The packages must specifically include the name of the registered guest and the check-in date. All packages received in excess of five (5) may be subject to storage and handling fee of $10 per package. Packages that are received prior to 3-5 days of the guest's arrival may also be subject to this same storage and handling fee of $10 per package. In additions, all packages that exceed a reasonable size or weight (medium size box) will be subject to higher price, up to $50 per package.

Pool side activities (INCLUDING THE POOL)- (Playground, pool, splash pool, volleyball court) will be open from 8am-9pm, closing at noon and 5pm for sanitation